Business Cards

  1. A cleverly designed business card can be a very effective tool for the promotion of your company, its brand and overall image.  Remember this may be somebody’s first interaction with your company so you want to be professional and include your company name or logo displayed prominently on the card.
  2. To make your business card stand out, we have several tips and tricks for you in our idea center.  There are so many little changes you can make in order to allow your business cards to stand out from the crowd.  Make sure to differentiate your business cards in some way so that they are noticed.
  3. Once you have the cards made, they are not effective unless potential customers have them in their hands.  Because business cards are not usually a direct mail piece, have your cards on hand at all times for networking purposes.  Distribute them wherever you go.  They are your mini advertisement for your entire company.
  4. Once your business cards have reached their targeted audience, make sure your contact information is available on the card and is legible.  Don’t be shy about making your contact information larger in font type and bolded.  People want to know how to reach you quickly and efficiently,