Custom designed Booklets are a great advertisement for any business.  They are unique in the sense that they can provide customers with more information than a simple flyer or even a brochure can.  In order for your booklets to be well received, it is important that your booklets are well designed and laid out professionally.

The first thing to remember is that people want to read about your business, but the trick is to give just the right amount of information.  Because it is a booklet, there will be considerably more content than say a flyer or poster, but you still must be aware that most people will become bored with too much.  Give enough information to answer questions most people might have and to explain the product, but know when to stop.

Also keep in mind that booklets present a great opportunity to incorporate more photos and graphics than you might normally use in other forms of printed materials.   In addition to using more photos, you can also use larger images than you usually would.  This is great because products usually sell better when the consumer can see a picture of someone using and enjoying the product.  Take advantage of the space you have in your booklets.

As with all other forms of printed materials, you want to be sure to include all contact information somewhere within your booklets.  Make it easy for your customers to contact you and feel comfortable asking questions and hopefully making a purchase.